The Painful Wrist: Treatment options


This course will introduce participants to the detailed anatomy of the wrist, applying it to the normal and abnormal biomechanics of movement. Anatomy will include joint, muscles and sensory components. Common conditions will be covered discussing mechanics of injury, consequences for function, assessment and treatment options. These will include scapholunate ligament injuries, ulnar sided wrist pain (TFCC, mid carpal instability and DRUJ) and
distal radius fractures. Treatment options will include sensorimotor, neuromuscular rehabilitation as well as other aspects to treat pain, instability and decreased range of motion. There will be lectures and group discussion to share knowledge with cases to highlight the key aspects.


-Identify key aspects of wrist anatomy and biomechanics
-understand the importance of friendly and unfriendly muscles
-be able to assess for common conditions of the wrist
-demonstrate a range of treatment for these conditions including neuromuscular and sensorimotor training


Sarah Mee, Hand Therapist
London, England




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